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I could see her giving him what must have been delicious full length strokes up and down his penis with her whole fist wrapped round his length.

Tony's penis shaft was glistening with some cream I guess Babs had squeezed from a tube I saw on Lucy's bedside cabinet and used to lubricate his muscle.

As I swam toward the end of the pool I saw Lucy squatting spread legged on the edge just where I would arrive.

Water was trickling down between her breasts and dripping from her nipples, and glistened on her dark pubic hair. She could not have adopted a more erotic pose and she was making it pretty obvious what I might expect up in her room!

I edged my cock to the exquisite brink a couple of times, straining to hold back my cum so as to build up the ultimate pleasure, though Lucy made it difficult (but much more enjoyable! While I was masturbating, I saw Tony's face twist like he was in agony or ecstasy, he gave that so familiar strangled grunt every guy gives when he jerks his load, and he thrust his hips toward Lucy's backside. I stepped back with a string of semen hanging from my swinging half erect penis, while Lucy remained kneeling on the bed watching my sex cream dripping off her nipples and trickling down her front from her cleavage, over her belly button and down to catch in her bush and mix with her own sex juice. Masturbating had been hard work, but certainly very rewarding!

We poured ourselves beers from the mini bar and sat on the bed, all four of us naked.As I stroked and tugged my hard straining penis I ran my spare hand over Lucy's soft smooth flesh.Lucy's pussy must have still been throbbing from her own orgasm and she quivered and squealed with excitement every time my fingers ruffled her juice soaked pubic hair or slid between her vagina lips. It was getting late, but not too late for more fun. " Babs said, grinning mischievously and taking Tony's hand.I was sitting next to Lucy, and I couldn't help noticing how she moved closer to me and pressed her bare thigh against mine. I picked up her panties and ran them through my fingers.They were just a tiny white cotton thong, with a slight yellow stain where her cunt would have been.

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I was wondering if he would jerk his load off over her bum when Babs came and knelt next to him.

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