Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana peru dating and marriage

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Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana

10 July 2015A trade union is the prime mass organisation of the working class.To fulfil its purpose, it must be as broad as possible and fight to maintain its legal status.It must attempt, in the first place, to unite, on an industrial basis, all workers (at whatever level of political consciousness) who understand the elementary need to come together and defend and advance their economic conditions.It cannot demand more as a condition of membership.

Secondly we should be clear that intention of building unity and cohesion is primarily about building COSATU to remain even stronger as a fighting federation.Our main pre-occupation is to ensure that the overarching intention of Unity and Cohesion of COSATU should be to build a Strong COSATU.We also remain inspired by the theme of this Special National Congress Building unity and cohesion of COSATU to advance the National Democratic Revolution 2.But because the state and its political and repressive apparatus is an instrument of the dominant economic classes, it is impossible for trade unions in any part of the world to keep out of the broader political conflict - Joe Slovo 1.Introduction The convening of this Special National Congress (SNC) is based on a request by nine (9) COSATU affiliates to the COSATU President whom they requested to convene a Special National Congress to discuss the Unity and Cohesion of COSATU and the leadership.

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Despite these plans we will not retreat an inch from holding a successful Special National Congress as duly requested by one third of COSATU affiliates.