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Who is singer angie stone dating

Angie was facing domestic aggravated assault charges, but the grand jury nixed moving the case forward to trial even though Angie admitted to cops that she struck Diamond in the face with a metal jewelry stand after yelling at her to get her kids under control, according to their police report.Diamond suffered broken teeth as a result of the assault.Angie Stone has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly knocking out several of her daughter's teeth.The Grammy-nominated singer and actress was involved in an argument with her 30-year-old daughter when the incident occurred in Lithonia, Georgia, on Monday night, police said.Perhaps, even more surprising is that she did it for a man whose infidelity broke her heart 25 years before.So does Angie regret walking away from her sons and a life most people could only dream of? Fully aware that her attitude will incite opprobrium and disbelief from some, she fiercely defends her actions.‘Before I’m condemned for breaking up the perfect family, I need to stress that my children mean the world to me and leaving the life I had with them has never been about leaving them as people.But for all my material possessions, I wasn’t really happy.Over time, my marriage to Michael cooled and the passion waned.

However, Angie reportedly told police that she did not know she had struck her daughter with a metal stand – but that once she realised she put the object down and tried to get away from Diamond.According to the , it is unclear who struck the first blow.Diamond Stone is reported to have punched her mother in the face during the quarrel, while her two front teeth were knocked out when 53-year-old Angie struck her with a metal stand.It’s about grabbing on to happiness, and giving the man who once broke my heart a second chance.’ 'I wasn't really happy': Angie with her oldest son, Edward, who was born five months before she married his father Michael.While she loved being a mother, she felt something was 'missing' in her life Despite respecting her parents’ happy marriage, Angie hankered after a more glamorous existence and trained as a croupier.

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Simple and tantalising, she wrote: ‘I don’t suppose you remember me?

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