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It has the right to summon anyone to a hearing, and can recommend legal action against abusers of children's rights.According to Indian news sources, however, the temple’s president Kasugouda Biradar did not see anything dangerous in the ritual.Its chairman, Nenna Nayak, said “We have sought a report from the district administration on the ritual to prevent a repeat of it.” She also plans to demand an explanation from the priests involved.The commission, which was established this year, is only the fifth such state commission in India.It is believed the rite cleanses the children of evil spirits.Health Requirements An international certificate of inoculation against yellow fever and cholera is required by visitors arriving from infected countries.

When entering a mosque, the legs and the body, but not the neck and the face, should be covered. The indigenous population not involved in the tourist trade lives in isolated island communities maintaining almost total privacy.

A similar custom has been recorded at the Baba Umer Durga shrine in the village of Solapur, about 280 miles south of Mumbai.

A spokesman for the Indian Council for Child Welfare said that teh coucil had not heard of the events in Bijapur, and possessed no record of children being hurt in such rituals.

A large number of locals smoke, but smoking and eating during Ramadan is discouraged.

Punjab (the land of five rivers) is the biggest land area of Pakistan and is popularly known for its culture.

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