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Wow addons not updating

I reinstalled but it still gives me the same issue.For some reason the app would update every single day almost but since I came back home there have been no updates which could solve the issue, I opened a ticket on twitch aswell but 4 days passed without an answer.It is always better to install and updated version over loading out of date addons.I've downloaded the following addons: Recount Needtoknow DBM Atlasloot Twice today and yet the addon button on my character screen isn't showing up, nor are the addons showing up in game? typing /dbm will bring it up edit: der, i also misread part of the issue- yeah i had that happen to me as well. The default location was C:\Program files (x86)\ and by default it created a folder named Battlenet.

This is usually due to the fact that World of Warcraft tags older addons as out of date and aren't automatically loaded unless you tell the game to.When you login after that, go through your whole addon list and make sure you have things enabled you really want. If you think your UI may have been bloated over time, copy your WTF folder to somewhere safe, like your Documents folder, then delete the one in your Wo W folder.When you login after that, go through your whole addon list and make sure you have things enabled you really want. [optional] string - the icon texture to show alongside the message.So check the addon's page to make sure that there isn't an updated version.As you can see there is not an update to the addon in the example. Just because an addon is out of date doesn't mean it doesn't work.

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load out of date wont help him if he cant even see the button to go in the addon options anywho.. Reinstall wow completely, and if this persists, report the problem to Blizzard. That is a UI element that you literally cannot (legitimately) change with addons, etc, so ...

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