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It might just as easily be as fully traditionally animated as the original for all we know.But Disney does say the new movie "follows" the "technologically groundbreaking" , so speculation that this will be another in the same vein isn't likely to be off-base.

Ejiofor, who played a subdued but ferocious villain in Joss Whedon’s Serenity (the film continuation of his ill-fated TV sci-fi western Firefly), seems like a solid casting choice to be a new version of Scar.. like it could work!

“Le Page’s voice mail to Representative Gattine is so outrageous it is beyond our ability to know how to respond,” the letter continues.

“His threat to want to ‘shoot him between the eyes’ would be reprehensible coming from anybody, but from the individual holding the position of Governor of our State is insanity.” The letter is signed by Mayor Colleen Hilton and two other city officials.

He won two Emmy awards for his work in his signature sitcoms, as well as a Grammy for a spoken-word adaptation of .

Robert Guillaume voice the character in the original and is one of the most important supporting characters in the story.

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