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: Staff and joint staff working documents (impact assessments, summaries of impact assessments, staff working papers).Staff working documents had the identifier SEC prior to 2012 (now used only for internal documents of the European Commission, which are not published on EUR-Lex).This contains all the translated secondary legislation adopted before a country joins the EU, which is thus in force on the date of its accession.The process of translating and publishing acts starts before accession and is usually completed shortly after.Learning how to read a CELEX number will help you search faster and understand how documents are related .It has 4 parts : Exceptions: Some documents, such as treaty protocols or declarations have a slightly different CELEX structure.

For a detailed overview go to: Types of documents in EUR-Lex.

More: Council Regulation (EC) No 920/2005, Council Regulation (EU) No 1257/2010, Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2015/2264, Treaties.

The CELEX number is a unique identifier for every document in EUR-Lex – regardless of language.

In the last case it will be included into the next consolidation.

The Publications Office consolidates EU regulations, directives and decisions.

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SWD documents are published in one language, apart from the summaries of impact assessments, which are published in all the official languages of the EU.