Windows xp updating hosts file rules for dating

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Windows xp updating hosts file

You always have the option of modifying a hosts file in Notepad.For editing a hosts file in Windows® XP, simply replace the temporary IP address with your real IP and website address.

To edit the HOSTS file we need to use a method that allows us to save the file to it’s original location, which is: 1.

This is why many users still edit the HOSTS file and add names and IP addresses of servers, websites and other computers they frequently access to it.

In Microsoft operating systems, the HOSTS file is located in the following location: Note: We also have tutorial articles on how to edit a hosts file in Windows 8, edit a hosts file in Windows 7 and on a mobile device running Windows RT.

Moreover, you can also add a description for each site after a ‘#’ symbol.

This will allow your computer to look at your new website when you use your domain name.

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Some viruses and infections will add sites to the hosts file to keep you from going to those sites.

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