Atreian atlas not updating

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Atreian atlas not updating

CM Hime – Daevas, nesta quarta-feira nossos sistemas serão atualizados.

Com o upgrade não será mais possível utilizar o Atreia Atlas ou My Aion, os links para essas sessões serão removidos da pagina inicial e as paginas também.

If you live in the UK or a European main city you are likely to get even better ping, probably 100-150 is possible.

The service is also completely allowed by the Aion publishers, as previously commented here: To get started, download their installer here: You can even use it for free to try it, no registration required, as a guest it will let you use it for 20 minutes and then disconnect (then you can restart it and use another 20 minutes, however the Aion client will also get disconnected).

Olá Daevas, com um updates pré anunciado já no site oficial do Ncsoft, o manutenção desta semana vem com um novo evento que provalvemente de ser evento de pré-update, e com um aviso para os jogadores.

Segundos informações do GM no fórum do game o “Atreia Atlas” e o “My Aion” serão estão obsoletos e serão removidos do game.

Spams users with in-game surveys to direct them to their cash shop, most times without any special event or bonus, just a reminder that they can buy stuff at the shop.

This while the European version managed by hackforge has a subscription fee (through gold pack, 10 euro), is Pay-2-win, allows hackers and botters, has nothing you could call customer service, GMs who play the game abusing their powers, their staff keeps threatening and banning users in the forums for no good reasons and behave like a dictatorship built by their abusive practices, showing a complete lack of respect towards the players who pay for their wages.

The only way I could get a decent ping to NA has been through using Battleping tunneling service, with these results: now that’s so much nicer, ~playable and stable ping with no spikes.

Support for bard/gunner will be added soon when I have a chance to test both on my own to parse all their skills.

Hackforge anounced today they will be translating the game for spanish, italian, polish, turkish, ..

I've heard of other ways to make aion online gold in the game, there's begging, those gambling games, even back in the day I'd make bets against other DPS in my raid that I'd beat them so we'd put a wager on it. Burger joints and assassins for hire alike touted this business motto long before the game. Both new and veteran AION gamers can either visit the "Truly-Free" website to learn details about the b.....

A lot of people actually appear like friends, and many are not aion kinah friends of friends did not appear like friends. The AION development team is currently working on AION free-to-play's most extensive update so far.

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Por favor colete suas recompensas restantes antes de Quarta-Feira.

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