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Intimidating girl quotes

[He said] that he would be willing to offer me a job, he was very impressed with me, but the producers wouldn't allow him to technically do that until the day after the finale.

And then I went back into his office and he gave me two job offers. He said, "You know what, I am surprised, because these would have been big moneymakers for you, but you need to follow your heart." Later on, he would call me — after a Miss Universe pageant, or a Miss USA pageant. And so we got to know each other a little bit more. When I got married, he gave me a really great deal on his country club in Palos Verdes; decided to film the wedding and he flew out.

Oh, and he's the guy from was a televisual juggernaut, at its peak watched by close to 30 million people.

It did wonders for the Trump brand, and the stakes were arguably just as high for those competing for his approval, with professional reputations and careers on the line.

Then, as the pageant took place, I saw him sitting in the audience and kind of elbowing the person next to him and pointing to me quite a few times.

Once the pageant was over — I made top 10 — Trump came onto the stage and walked to me first, out of anyone, and said, "Miss Oregon, you were my favorite.

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[On the night of the pageant], the producers told all of us contestants backstage that Donald would be coming through to meet us, right before we went on stage. So here I am, trying to put a few last rhinestones on the corset of my evening gown, and I'm having hair problems, and before I knew it, I'm the last one backstage.