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That’s up from the 36% who said that they did not plan to take a full vacation in 2005, according to the “Overwork in America” study by the Families and Work Institute. By 2005 that figure had declined to 6.9, nearly two hours less, according to a March 2005 Americapoll conducted for the National Sleep Foundation.Even infants now average almost 90 minutes less sleep a day than the 14-hour minimum doctors recommend, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

We witness an ever-growing population of singles experiencing difficulty to commit to one partner 'forsaking all others'.Similarly, we often 'zap' between television channels to view at least two programs at once.According to a poll published in Scientific American's MIND, a magazine dedicated to the brain and human behavior in the December 2004 issue, 90% of American adults are multitasking.This is, of course, common knowledge, yet in order to be empiric let me back it up with some data on divorce rates in developed countries: The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates (2009) that probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue.In Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic, divorce rates exceed 60%.

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As a motivation, the Fo MO has five major manifestations discernible in most of us to varying degrees, and I would like to elaborate on them a little by giving you several illustrations for each one of the five: While in past decades we usually accepted the notion that a trade-off is necessary between pursuing a career and devoting oneself to family life and that making a choice is inevitable, nowadays many try to achieve both, plus social activities, hobbies, fitness training and more. — In 2002, only 23% of mall shoppers browsed, compared with 37% in 2000, according to ICSC Research.