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This means that you shouldn’t smell like sweat or have bad breath or bad body odor when you approach a girl.Practice good hygiene and keep yourself clean at all times, as well.If you show a girl that you are social, then she will know that she will never get bored around you if you ever do end up going out.Don’t be shy to meet her friends or family when you start dating, either.

Once you win her over in the friend department, you can then start flirting with her a little bit and finally show her your true intentions.Also, make sure your hair and clothes are always neat and presentable.If you need help and you want a fresh pair of eyes to look and evaluate your appearance, contact me or Matthew (email [email protected]).For now, devour the works of one of our master seducers!James here, and I’ve been in the Baltimore Lair for three years now, and so I speak from experience.

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Also used to describe the process of genetic change within a population, as influenced by natural selection.

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