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Their problems in the residing countries, their rights in India – constitutional/statutory provisions if any, their participation in track two diplomacy, their role in Indian economy etc etc. Preparation for this paper can be finished in 20 days provided you are focused and determined.

A friend recently told me that she was ready to quit her job.

(Don’t look anywhere else)For the concept part read – Laxmikant’s Indian Polity. So, try to relate these concepts to current event topics and write small articles. Later, scan current events and find any latest instances of conflict between any constitutional bodies, or between a constitutional body and statutory body. This part of the syllabus has given rise to some contentious issues such as political interference in the appointment to various constitutional posts and statutory bodies.

Eg EC, CBI, CVC, CAG, SC, Governors, Lokayukta, Lokpal (if it comes into existence) etc.

We know that now there are 4 General Studies Papers apart from one Essay and Optional paper each.

First, ask yourself: What’s the worst that will happen if I miss a deadline by one day? Taking that step back helps you shake the paralysis off and get more done. Honestly, I think she found the concept of caring less to be too radical.

or don’t proofread that spreadsheet for the fourth time? Fortunately for her, the climate at her company changed on its own, and her workload was reduced.

You aren’t helping anyone if you burn out and quit.

Putting in slightly less effort in times of high stress doesn’t mean you don’t care about your job; it means you care about yourself more.

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