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Free cam credits with credit card

Same here-ordered a coat- and was charged, with no info on order. Hi, I just want to report a website that scams people who use secure payment , they are called and use AIP * TOZECSD LTD to charge people, AIP * TOZECSD LTD but try to inform you about the company so that I can prevent people from being scamed. This is a Christmas gift and here it is 12/21 and it is not even en route apparently! Ordered a football jersey for my son for Christmas from and received this as the description for the charge on my bank statement.

the website showed as a UK shop and the charge was in china's currency.. Supposedly they were submitted for delivery 12/15 in NY but with the tracking number they supplied, the package has not moved since 12/15.

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Get a job you piece of shit Order Details Order ID: #6795Date Added: 18/12/2017 Payment Method: Secure Order Shipping Method: Flat Shipping Rate Payment Address Shipping Address JOSEPH KRAUSMaison de L'Orientation58, Boulevard Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg L-1330JOSEPH KRAUSMaison de L'Orientation58, Boulevard Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg L-1330Product Name Model Quantity Price .99 Galaxy S8 Edge – Midnight Black - Capacity: 64G 85425 1 Sub-Total Flat Shipping Rate .00 Total .99 Order History Date Added Order Status Comment18/12/2017 Processing Continue01-2018 4541 0240 2304 7283 PES*EXCELLENTSHOPSSHOUNING -817,66 CNY -106,23 EUR???????????? 11, THE MONEY WAS QUICKLY WITHDRAWN BUT AS PF TODAY I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM THE COMPANY AS OF WHEN THE BOATES SHOULD BE HERE. I HAVE NO CONFORMATION NUMBER OR HOW TO CONTACT YOUR COMPANY. My statement came and charge me on Gpay csosop Shenzhen She for £34.61. They have done the same with me, I contacted my credit card company who are looking in to it, they are issuing me with a new card. Has been 3 lots total $ 80.45 taken out 17/12/17 Please cancel immediately any further e-mails or transactions.

I have a charge on my business and personal card for from here and Never heard of the place.

Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Which?

Financial Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 527029).

Bear in mind that you'll need to have a good credit score to access the most competitive 0% deals, otherwise you could be offered a shorter 0% period than the one advertised, or turned down altogether. Money Compare: Best 0% on purchases credit cards – click here to compare the longest deals.

The key to making the most of these cards is to ensure you have no remaining debt when the 0% period comes to an end.

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Provided you don't make any more purchases or cash withdrawals, this will ensure that you don't pay interest on what you've borrowed.