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Fecebook sex chat mumbai

Conclusion: If you are worried about data costs, don’t think too much, simply download it.If you are using 3G or 4G networks, or you are most often around a wireless network, you should give this app a skip.So what are they and is the lighter version your savior? Above: Facebook full version for smartphones Download: Facebook’s original version for smartphones is a huge download by itself—a whopping 35MB.And with the way Facebook is constantly updating the app, you are bound to install it almost every second day and waste around 35MB to 40MB from your data plan.Facebook Lite, a lighter version of the social networking app, is the best one can use if data costs are priority.While the full blown version can amount to huge data downloads, the lighter version can come to your rescue.

It’s not pretty looking, but you have to compromise on aesthetics for speedy information. TIP: If you are using a higher resolution display, you will spot the difference and it could be a put off.The FB app is known to occupy almost 150MB – 300MB of RAM in the background.On the other hand, FB Lite is a lot lighter on the RAM with around 50MB – 150MB consumed from the RAM.According to police, the complainant (name withheld) is a Ghatkopar-based share-broker.In his complaint to the police in March last year, he had stated that his 16-year-old son, a college student, was shocked after a few of his female friends had asked him why he had been responding weirdly, while chatting with them on Facebook.

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On the other hand, the Facebook Lite version is a simple 435KB app, which is quicker to download and install.

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